Put your business on center court - literally and figuratively! Our sponsors are showcased online and on the sand during the event. You'll earn incredible recognition for your business and make an amazing difference for a local charity.

Sponsor Levels

In addition to the perks listed below, ALL sponsor logos will be showcased on the website home page and sponsor page. Sponsors will also be highlighted in social media posts. Contact us to discuss registration discounts for sponsor employees.

Bump Sponsor

Help us get the play started.
$ 100
  • Recognized at Event
  • Included with Sponsors on Website

Set Sponsor

Get us up to the net.
$ 250
  • Banner Space at Event
  • Individual Social Shout Outs
  • Included with Sponsors on Website

Spike Sponsor

Score for a local charity!
$ 500
  • Booth/Banner Space at Event
  • Feature On Website Homepage
  • $10 Off Registration for Employees
  • Monthly Social Shout Outs
  • Included with Sponsors on Website

Ace Sponsor

Steal the show!
$ 1000
  • Speaking Time & Booth Space at Event!
  • Featured Banner on All Website Pages
  • $20 Off Registration for Employees
  • Extra Perks!
  • Monthly Social Shout Outs
  • Included with Sponsors on Website
Top Spot!

Swag donations are welcomed and count towards monetary value of sponsor level. Swag donations are needed as raffle prizes that help raise more funds. Donations of any amount make a difference and are greatly appreciated. 

Have a different idea for how your business could be involved? Contact us to discuss custom sponsorships that showcase your business while supporting a great cause. 

Get in the game!

SAVE THE DATE: January 21st, 2023!