The Onesie Beach Volleyball Tournament is a fun way to meet other players, compete in your coziest onesie and help a local charity. The event includes pool play games, followed by single elimination tournament play. Coffee, breakfast morsels and light lunch are also included. All players received a sponsored swag bag. Register early for more swag! 

Registration Pricing

Scroll down this page to find more information about your skill level and to register.

Early-Bird Special

$ 35
  • Through October 31st


$ 45
  • November 1st though December 15th


$ 55
  • December 16th-January 10th

Making Us Work for It

$ 65
  • January 11th-18th

Find Your Skill Level

“A” players frequently play beach doubles volleyball and have prior competitive tournament experience. They have highly consistent ball control, accurate directional control when passing, setting and hitting and placing shots. A-level players exhibit more aggressive net play, have improved court coverage, and developed defensive strategy. 

A+ players excel in all these areas (rated or near pro level)

A- players are still highly skilled but may lack proficiency in a certain area of play, or have limited competitive tournament experience. 

“B” players know beach volleyball rules, play doubles somewhat consistently and may have played a few intermediate level tournaments. They are moderately consistent and able to keep the ball in play. B-level players have solid foundational skills for passing, setting, and hitting. They are developing court awareness for shot placement and defensive anticipation. 

B+ players have higher experience or play more frequently, but have not consistently played at a high competition level. 

B- players are moderately familiar with the game but still need more practice on foundational skills.

“C” players are new to the game of volleyball and have early recreational play but little to no tournament experience. This includes players who are still learning beach doubles volleyball rules. C players have no or limited knowledge of foundational skills like passing, setting and hitting. They are working at keeping the ball in play.

C+ players may have just recently started playing. understand the rules, but still need to improve their ball control.

C- players are brand new to the game. 

A Player

B Player

C Player


The Tournament is passed. Please follow our Facebook & Instagram for updates on next year’s event.