About Us

The "Greatest Social Volleyball Tournament Ever" was born in 2017 with the goal of creating a fun beach volleyball fundraiser that friends and family, both volleyball players and non-volleyball players alike, could enjoy. This is a beach doubles (2's), weighted-draw tournament, with just one(sie) twist!

Date: Saturday, January 25th, 2025 Location: North County San Diego

Why Onesie?

Because it’s FUN-sie! Cumbersome onesies add a challenge for veteran volleyball players and an opportunity for new players to be comfortable in the game. The tournament happens each January when it’s often cool enough to head to the beach all covered up. So get creative, show off your favorite onesie, and maybe you’ll take home the coveted Best Onesie Prize!

onesie girls jumping fun

Tourney FAQ's

Teams consist of 2 people. Players sign up individually and are ranked by their skill level: A (skilled/lots of volleyball experience), B (intermediate/a fair amount of volleyball experience) or C (early recreational play/no tournament experience). Mostly co-ed teams are chosen on a weighted-scale where the most skilled A player is paired with least experienced C player, second most skilled with the second least skilled and so on.

This format helps create even competition between all teams. Veteran players have an opportunity to share their skills with people who are new to the game and new players can enjoy a social level of competition while learning foundation volleyball skills.

Onesies must cover knees and elbows. 

No banana hammocks :) – Stay Classy, San Diego.

Also – No Onesie; No Play.

Onesies must be worn at the beginning of the event and until the organizers deem it is warm enough to shed a layer, and after all event media coverage.

Prizes awarded for the best onesie(s) and onesies worn the longest. 

Meet the Event Team

The Onesie Beach Volleyball Tournament is 100% volunteer run by dedicated beach volleyball players. 



Event Founder & Visionary


"Avo-Cutty" - Cathy

Dig-ital Strategy Mastermind


"Score" - Henry

Brackets and Scoring Gawd

+ Support from Many Volunteers!

Special thanks to our many volunteers who step up every year to help gather donations, pick up swag, organize pre-event and set up on the day of the tourney. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, email us.

Get in the game!

Date: Saturday, January 25th, 2025
Location: North County San Diego